Theatre Work

I studied at the Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre Centre, going on to do a degree in contemporary music at the University of Highlands and Islands.  There I formed Animated Lexicography, a group of writers, directors and actors who worked together on new writing projects, before moving to London and becoming a co-founder of little d-fects theatre company, which produced new work from 2001-2007. I also ran the London Playwriting Group until 2010, which mainly involved bringing actors and playwrights together to read new work in rooms above pubs. Recently produced plays include: Tranquil;  I Take On The World; for little d-fects - Tourist; You Are Here; Crush; Dawn; eenie, meenie, miny…; Happiness; inexistence; for Company of Angels - The Door In The Air; Mind The Gap, New York - Bounty. I ran the Playwrights' Circle sessions at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester from 2013-2017. 

In 2003, I worked with United International Pictures and the British Airways London Eye to develop, script and direct the ‘Peter Pan Experience’ for the London Eye’s Christmas season. 

I also have a postgraduate qualification in journalism, and work as a managing editor, as well as writing freelance articles on various subjects.