upcoming gigs

21 August MC - G&B Girl Power, West Ham, London

5 September Norwich

11 September Comedy Cabin, London

12 September MC - G&B Girl Power, London 

14 September New Comedian of the Year heat, London

18 September Cronx Comedy Club, Croydon

24 September MC - Funny Women Time of the Month, London

27 September Mirth Control, Comedy @ National Brewery Centre, Burton on Trent

28 September Jericho Comedy, Oxford

29 September Get Booked, Oxford

30 September The Stand, Edinburgh

1 October The Stand, Glasgow

2 October The Stand, Newcastle

9 October G&B, Arch One, London

18 October Poodle Club, London

21 November Let's Laugh, London

7 December MC - Ultra Comedy, Colchester

21 April (2020) Victoria Inn, Colchester