upcoming gigs

29 February WinterFest, Brightlingsea

4 March Cronx Comedy Club (MC), Croydon

7 March 14.30 Coffee and Cocktails, London

7 March 16.30 Book of Mums, Vaults Festival, London

7 March 19.30 Vagina Museum, London

20 March Poodle Club, Sydenham

20 April Bury St Edmunds

21 April Victoria Inn, Colchester

22 May Colchester Fringe

23 May Colchester Fringe

24 May Colchester Fringe

30 May Can We Have Your Liver Then? A Terry Jones Tribute
(matinee and evening)

20 June 14.30 Coffee and Cocktails, London (MC)

25 June Mirth Control, Swindon

8 July Treehouse Comedy, Norwich