Gig dates

Stand up comedy

4 May

Yellow Comedy - Comedy at the Kitchen, Croxley

14 May

Pegasus Comedy, London

25 May

Unfamiliars Scratch Lab - On Favourites, Colchester

29 May

Funny Women Time of the Month, London

31 May

Memoirs of a Geezer, London

13 June

Headline at G&B Comedy, Arch One, London 

14 June

Bo Hee Hee, London

16 June

Cabaret, Brewhouse, Colchester

21 June

Funny Feckers, London

13 July

Rhyl Comedy Club

1 September

Quantum Leopard, The Nursery, London

20 September

Lock-in At the Vault, Faversham

7 October

AComedy Club, ACanteen, Chelmsford